Beetlejuice in 1958 Color

Have you ever seen a 1950s color TV set? This amazing 1958 RCA CTC-7 series came up for sale on ebay out of San Jose. These early round screen TVs are very unusual, and only the very wealthy could afford to own such a set in the ’50s. Color broadcasts did not become regular until well into the mid 60s, by which time color TVs were becoming more affordable and started being produced with square screens.

These TVs are famous for reproducing everything in a unique technicolor-like hue. Here is Beetlejuice… this movie is such a throwback to the era!


Boasting COLOR so everybody knows what it is, even while it’s turned off! Don’t even mention the fact that you’ve left the big RCA COLOR TELEVISION box on the front porch for weeks on end.



Little discoloration in this picture- took a snapshot before I had a chance to adjust the color purity.





The metal cabinet has a faux painted woodgrain finish that is a little distressed in a couple of areas. The set also came with this killer optional RCA TV stand. Someone added the bottom ‘shelf’ and casters. Given the sheer weight of this unit, can you imagine trying to move this TV around with those sharp pointy legs?

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