Justin Rubsam first opened shop in 2004 in Gardnerville, Nevada servicing PCs, televisions, and electronics under contract with two nationwide electronics retailers, and to the public. Being an avid classic car enthusiast, the business naturally evolved into the much more specialized field it is today- beginning in great part to the demand from locals needing classic car radios restored and coupled with Justin’s hobby interest in restoring classic electronics.

Since the early years, Justin has enjoyed success as a slot mechanic, custom jeweler, data recovery specialist, manager of an independent video poker monitor repair firm, and as the proprietor of a California based vintage electronics firm which specialized mainly in providing seamlessly retrofitted and updated retro television sets for museums, retail and museum displays, and show business.

Justin has many years of experience working with tube radios, amps and electronics dating back to the 1920s, as well as modern solid state equipment. A member of the early television collector and restorer community, he specializes in early electronics restoration and preservation.

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