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The Aurora FMR 3.0, as seen on MotorWeek as well as in Hagerty Magazine, completely replaces all of the factory AM or AM/FM tube or solid state electronics in the radio, and interfaces directly with your original tuner and volume/tone/fader and/or balance controls. Even stock stereo indicator lamps and mechanical automatic signal seeking mechanisms can be incorporated just as seamlessly with the Aurora.

This is the restorer’s choice for incorporating modern features and reliability discreetly into classic car or truck factory radios. Even Concours level judges are apt to be fooled by the Aurora’s Tube Emulation Mode, which simulates a tube radio’s original warm-up time; in such installations the original mechanical vibrator can remain powered for an authentic sound effect, while remaining otherwise nonfunctional.

Aurora Electronics are designed AND manufactured in the USA.

Conversions incorporate the following features and are tailored to meet your needs:

Bluetooth Streaming Audio
Bluetooth hands-free phone
Voice Command/Voice Assist
USB AAC/MP3/Ogg/FLAC Playback
USB 2.1A Universal Charger
AM/FM 180W 4 Channel
HD Radio Reception
Automotive OEM Quality

Aurora Design radio conversions are NOT the same as other solutions on the market today. Aurora is OEM quality that work exactly as you would expect. No low quality audio, radio stations drifting or dropping out, unintelligible Bluetooth phone calls, etc. You expect the same quality as found in your modern vehicle, and that is what you get.

Conversions incorporating the Basic Bluetooth (Bluetooth Only) or Bluetooth Premium (Bluetooth with USB) level tiers allow your wireless music device (iPhone/iPod, Mobile Phone or MP3 Player) to be controlled through the radio’s own knobs. This means you can scan through your music library as if you are tuning the radio. Hands free calling via discreet built-in mic standard on most Bluetooth conversions, and an optional clip-on visor mic is included standard in case the built-in proves unsuitable for your vehicle.

Other optional accessories include the new HD Digital Radio Tuner which will allow your converted radio to pick up stations broadcasting in HD, and the Courtesy Module, which allows your radio to remain powered on until the door is opened- same as a modern factory car stereo, even after the ignition is powered off. The Courtesy Module also has a built in battery voltage sentry which will automatically power the radio off if your car’s battery voltage begins to drop.

The Process:

When you send in your radio we’ll first give it a preliminary to make sure it’s suitable for conversion. While we don’t reuse the original receiver, power supply, or amplifier electronics inside your radio, components such as the original mechanical tuner, volume, tone, fader/balance, and/or band switches are reused and integrated in with the new Aurora Design electronics. These must all be in usable or rebuildable condition, though if any of these original components is in need of replacement or repair, then this will incur an additional charge.

Once we determine that your radio is okay to convert, we’ll begin the process of dismantling, separating the old electronics from the chassis, and ultrasonically cleaning the case and tuning mechanism. Dial face and pointer touch up work is done at this time. Your radio is then reassembled and updated with the Aurora electronics to your specification.

Once the conversion is completed, it undergoes a burn-in test to check all of the features and functions, and to test reliability.

The conversion process includes a basic courtesy touch-up and detail which involves cleaning/polishing the dial lens, painting the dial pointer, and replacement of the dial lamp. Excessively dirty radios or other cosmetic considerations such as dial lens relettering or polishing of chrome can be performed at extra cost.


Speaker Impedance:        2-45 Ohms

External Amplifier Imp.:  130-180 Ohms

Output Power:             4 X 45W into 4 ohms @14.4V max (EIAJ)

                          4 X 22W into 4 ohms @14.4V  1% THD*

                          2 X 75W into 2 ohms @14.4V max (EIAJ)

                          2 X 40W into 2 ohms @14.4V  1% THD*

                          Fully short circuit protected

Turnaround: 15-25 days on most radios. Heavily optioned radios may require an additional few days.

Note: We do NOT service customers outside the US.


Basic Conversion:

FMR-2.7 AM/FM Stereo Conversion 4 Channel 4x45w (180W) Outputs
AUX Line Input for Ipod/MP3 Player
Power lead for amp or power antenna

Bluetooth Conversion:

FMR-2.7 AM/FM Stereo Conversion 4 Channel 4x45w (180W)Outputs
AUX Line Input for Ipod/MP3 Player
Power lead for amp or power antenna
BT-2.5 Module: Bluetooth input enabled, with control of device through radio tuner and volume knobs
Hands-free calling enabled

Bluetooth Premium Conversion:

FMR-2.7 AM/FM Stereo Conversion 4 Channel 4x45w (180W) Outputs
AUX Line Input for Ipod/MP3 Player
Power lead for amp or power antenna
Line & Subwoofer (LFE) outputs included free on request
BTU-2.5 Module: Bluetooth input enabled, with control of device through radio tuner and volume knobs with direct USB port input.
Customized Bluetooth device “broadcast” name (ie “Jim’s 56 Bel Air”)
Hands-free calling enabled
Complimentary 8GB Flash Drive


Subwoofer (LFE) & Line Outputs for Basic and Bluetooth tiers $20 each.
Wonderbar and Electronic Signal Seeking radios, add $200
6 Volt negative or positive ground, add $150
European Radios, add $150
Cassette & 8 Track Decks, add $125
Radios with built-in speaker require update, add $75
Radio Status LED added to dial face, add $25
DRH Digital HD Radio tuner option, add $190
Courtesy Module: allows radio to play after ignition is powered off until door is opened, add $90
Optional pushbutton w/LED for use with BT and HD conversions, add $24.95

Ready to Get Started?

Starting the conversion process is simple. Package up your radio with the enclosed order form to the right detailing the type of conversion you need and any desired options. Note that there is a special PO Box listed in case you choose to ship via US Postal Service. Contact us in advance if you have any questions or feel that your radio may need special provisions. When your radio arrives, we will forward a secure online invoice to collect the initial deposit and to take care of the final balance unless you enclose a check.

Note: We do not service customers outside of the US.

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We are based in Sacramento, CA and serve the greater Sacramento, Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley, Los Angeles, and Northern Nevada areas. We also perform full cosmetic & electronic, or electronic-only restorations on your radio’s original electronics. This means that we restore factory Chevy, Impala, Bel Air, Ford, Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, Imperial, Mercury, Cadillac, Buick, Porsche, BMW, MG and other factory electronics as an option to full FM conversion.

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