Prop Help for Paramount’s Upcoming “Bumblebee: The Movie” Transformers Film Scheduled for 2018

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In this business it seems that you never know who’s going to get in touch with you. We were just recently contacted by one of the prop wranglers from Paramount Pictures who were looking for a pair of matching 80s era console TV sets for the upcoming Transformers film. At the time, the film was in a very early production stage, as it was still codenamed “Brighton Falls” but it’s since been publicly released as “Bumblebee: The Movie.”

It was explained that the movie was set in 1987 and that they were looking for a pair or more of (preferably) early 80s console TVs to come to life as a Transformer for a brief fight scene in the main family’s home. We were able to turn up two 1982 RCA Colortraks. These, in conjunction with another matching set available from one of their local prop houses, made for three sets. One “Hero” set and two which were to be destroyed.

Requested 1982 RCA Colortrak to be used in the Transformers film: Bumblebee: The Movie
And it’s amazingly identical twin!

You can bet we offered to rent the sets, as it would have been cool to get back a screen-used TV, but nothing doing!

During the delivery, we were welcomed inside a studio warehouse where a mockup family home was being built, and where all of the furniture and other props were being cataloged and photographed. Alongside all of this, we were treated to some artist conceptions of the “Console TV Transformer”… though, no pics allowed! 🙂 Unless the studio changes their mind for some reason, it will be cool to see the sets which we were able to provide on the big screen, though I’ll say this: they’ll be hard pressed to find three identical TVs of that vintage anywhere else. We were just happy it worked out for everyone so relatively easily, and  are thrilled to have been involved in the project!

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