Custom Build for NBC News New York

Update on our progress on the custom built Masterwork Colorset for NBC News

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A little over a month ago we were contacted by someone from NBC News in New York who was looking to put together a custom “retro TV” installation for their new offices. They had sent along a rough artist’s conception of what they were looking for- essentially, a large retro floor console TV on a 10 foot wide blank wall, along with smaller fascias hung on the wall, and needed something that was authentic, and could stand to run 24/7 with modern everything.

We exchanged some ideas; we happened to have a couple of 60s era console TVs here which were not yet listed on the web site that could possibly fit the bill. Out of the two, they chose this glorious 1964 Magnavox roundie color TV in a terrific Danish Modern cabinet.


nbc-concept 6-14-16a
Our own conception to-scale submitted for final approval. Sets on the wall were also proposed based off of pieces we had on hand.

It hadn’t even been two weeks since we picked this set up from an Estate in the Chico area, and the cabinet wasn’t without character… the primary reason we had not yet listed it as being available. Well loved, the top of the cabinet had years of accumulated muck where one might place their hands to fuss with the built-in tuner and record changer. The cabinet simply needed to be restored in order to be up to standard.

There was simply no way to cure what amounted to wear down to bare wood, with a cover of accumulated dirt, to end up with any sort of seamless match. The entire set needed to be stripped.

Seeing as this set was going to become a Masterwork series color conversion, it needed to be immaculate. NBC opted to delete the AM/FM tuner and record changer, and to convert the changer cavity into a storage area for cable box, DVD player, or Laptop with convenient HDMI port inside. We’ve fabricated a replacement bottom to replace the piece cut out for the changer. The tuner-side door will be sealed shut.

Cabinet completely stripped, a representation of about 10 hours of meticulous work
First application of Teak oil.

More updates as we progress!

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