’49 Sparton “Mirror-Lid” TV Resto

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Prompted by one of my earlier posts “Sparton Mirror-Lid TV” a customer out of Grass Valley called and said that he’d found a similar model at a local thrift store… with all the knobs, everything in tact. How cool!

So today he brought the set in for restoration. He had already started on the cabinet, as he’s elected to do the cabinet work himself. We took the TV into the shop and I removed the electronics for him so he could take the cabinet back home to finish it up. Little details such as that right side handle hardware couldn’t be removed with the main chassis in place.

sparton mirror lid sparton mirror lid

I always check the condition of the picture tube before starting on, or quoting, a restoration. This tube checks about as good as a new tube! The rest of the chassis is bone stock, except for one bypass capacitor which was replaced- judging by the pink plastic body it looks like a 50s or early 60s era part. Other than that, several tubes had been replaced- and surely the picture tube as well, hence it’s good condition.

sparton mirror lid sparton mirror lid

Updates as we make progress!

1 comments on “’49 Sparton “Mirror-Lid” TV Resto”

  1. Wow ! We had our first t v i think 51 it was round i have now RCA its about 18 yrs.plus. 24 inch it was my moms


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