Austrian 1957 Hornyphon TV Restoration


You might never see one of these again.


A customer brought in this 1957 Hornyphon TV for a complete electronic rebuild. We will be going through and replacing every capacitor, resistor, diode, and any necessary tubes in this TV.

Hornyphon (or, Horny for short) was the Austrian division of Philips. The set adheres to the CCIR broadcast standard and runs off of 220VAC at 50Hz. We will be making no modifications to this TV whatsoever, which means that we will be restoring it to factory specification. The owner of this TV set lives here in Sacramento; a Physicist and ardent collector who wishes to maintain the originality of this extremely rare example of early European TV.


So, a little bit about the story behind this set. As it was explained to me by the owner, this TV set was the very one in use in his family home in Austria when he was a child. Recently, it became necessary for him to clean up his family’s estate which this set was still a part of. He had it crated and couriered over from Austria to his home here in Sacramento. Aside from the set’s rarity and obvious collector value, it also maintains quite a bit of sentimental value.

So basically, we’re going to be rebuilding the electronics and returning everything to factory specification. The power supply and tuner are going to be kept original- not modified for US power, as the owner will be running the TV from a custom 220VAC 50Hz power supply which he built. The signals will also be fed into the TV using either PAL DVD or a custom CCIR signal converter

img_2246 img_2249

I have done an initial soft power up using a series combination variac and step-up transformer, which is detailed in the video below, and the set responded extremely well! Unfortunately the memory card on my camera ran out of room before I could generate a picture, but the CRT in this set is crisp and bright!

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