1958 Olympic TV/Hi-Fi Combo Color Retrofit


The time has come: the ’58 Olympic B&W to color conversion is complete. This is a custom unit that we’ve restored and retrofitted for Mel and Shane O’Brien over at Hepcat Restorations. Do check out their blog- they’re doing some really incredible restoration work and have one of the finest collections of 50s modern furniture I’ve ever seen!

Retrofitting old black and white televisions by gutting the old TV and setting a new one inside is not a new idea- but the main problem with this is degraded aesthetic and authenticity, and a loss of function of the original front panel controls.

We’ve seamlessly retrofitted the 24″ black and white TV with modern electronics, and have taken great care to make the original front panel controls function appropriately, along with the added benefit of a remote control. The original radio and audio amplifier chassis has been completely rebuilt, as well as the phonograph. We can do similar conversions to most other pre-1965 television sets as well. Here is a video tour of the unit’s operation:

vintage tv color conversion vintage tv color conversion

vintage tv color conversion vintage tv color conversion

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