57 Predicta Barberpole Resto – Initial Inspection


We just received this very complete 57 Philco Predicta Barberpole for repair. While the customer lives in Las Vegas; he purchased the TV from a seller nearby us in Walnut Creek so it was easy to arrange delivery.

These are the initial pictures- overall cosmetic and working condition. Just some notes: the screen cover is beginning to decompose as many of them do. This will require a buff and wax. The finish on the front portion of the cabinet is flaking off in many areas and drastically negates the visual appeal. The faux woodgrain on the back cover is in excellent condition… very good as this is hard to reproduce. White painted area has yellowed and has sustained damage on top near the neck. Electronically, the chassis starts up. Someone did some major repair work in 1995; even signed and dated the chassis. Unfortunately, many of the capacitors used in the repairs were NOS which are as bad or worse than the originals. Brown knobs on front are from a Holiday model Predicta and are mismatched. The correct knobs are white with no lettering. Suffers a vertical deflection malady resulting in a white line across the screen. Beam appears unfocused but it blurred by powdery residue on the inside of the screen cover; the CRT appears to be in good useable shape. A great starter for restoration!

predictapredicta predicta predicta predicta

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