Vintage TV Hoarder Estate, Day….. 4?

Who would have thought: a couple months have passed since the big TV hoarder’s estate sale off in Rocklin. Three entire days of discovering gem after gem and clearing out nearly every TV set, picture tube, and related part there… that there was yet more nestled in the back of the estate company’s storage locker.

I just received a call from the owner of the estate company, who had my contact information from the first event. She says that they were planning on having another event this upcoming weekend, and in their digging had discovered lingering vestiges of the previous TV collector estate. All I knew was that there was a Predicta in the lot- the rest was pretty vague. I had no idea that I was walking into two more truckloads of TV sets.

Honestly it came at a bad time for me, both in the regard of manpower and finances. I tried calling a friend to pass on the Predicta which I thought they might be interested in, but it turns out that they were far too occupied to be able to make it out for a look. It was up to me. I had to pull some strings, but in the end we were able to make a deal on all the remaining sets, as well as a very unique Sony Videocorder open reel analog tape recording machine.

vintage televisions antique televisions vintage television predicta dumont
sony videocorder

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