Vintage TV Hoard, Day 3


Well, it’s the final day of the Vintage TV Hoarder’s estate buyout. Only a couple of boxes left that I couldn’t fit in the Jeep. The estate company was soo happy to clear the hoard out of their storage unit (though, what is this to say about my status now….. hmmm?) I’ve never been so flush to be literally swimming in 7JP4s, 10BP4s, and 12LP4s… all good tubes in common circulation back in the late 40s and early 50s, and wonderful for restorations.


Did you know that Firestone (Yep, the tire company) released a TV? That’s it on the left, basically a rebadged Tele-tone TV set in a slightly modified cabinet. These were actually available in Western Auto supply stores. To the right of that, a GE 806 and another unusual wooden cabinet Admiral. Most of these Admirals wore bakelite cabinets. It’s more unusual to find the wooden cabinet models, and I suspect they were a tad more expensive.


Beautiful Emerson TV…. alas- broken glass faceplate. Anybody need parts?


Last, but not least, a box of RCA Image Orthicons. These were the ‘eye’ inside of studio TV cameras used throughout the 40s and 50s. How cool are these?

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