Vintage TV Hoard, Day 2



More excitement on day 2 of the TV estate sale! We snapped some more pictures of the sale being set up as many more TVs were being brought out and lined up as we all anxiously awaited the barn doors to open 🙂 Sets we ended up with are a beautiful Bendix aviation 12″ front cart bottom, a Dumont RA-103 “Chatham” (aka the Doghouse) front cart top, an RCA 631TS 10″ rear cart top…



Two Hallicrafters metal cabinet TVs, another 3″ Pilot, an unknown make, and the RCA projection TV from yesterday which we didn’t have room to pick up,



In the background: 3 TVs which we didn’t make it to for other buyers (methinks someone got wise to our nefarious TV collecting scheme) a GE 803 Bakelite cabinet “Locomotive with a big hole broken in the side and a cracked top, another Tele-Tone 7”, and a GE Tabletop


The RCA front projection TV, all opened up. This one is going to become a color conversion!



The infamous Spartan Mirror-lid TV.



BONUS: The gentleman who bought the Zenith Porthole from yesterday’s sale did not have the means to pick it up, and was able to sell it to us at a very modest markup.

Glorious 7JP4s, 8BP4s, 10BP4s, a 3KP1 green phosphor, a couple of 5″ test CRTs, and clumping cat litter.

I know this isn’t the last of it…there’s more treasure to be had in the coming days. 😀

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