Vintage TV Hoard!


Check out this score! A local estate company was selling off the estate of a local TV collector; got an inside line on this and went over to check it out with Shane of Hepcat Restorations. What a hoard! The gentleman who (previously) belonged to the estate was a collector in-extremus whose house was quite literally overflowing with 40s and 50s TV sets.

We made out with about 50 mid 40s to early 50s art-deco television sets, picture tubes, and parts. LOTS of 7″ electrostatic sets and a couple of larger 10″ sets, including a KILLER mirror-in-lid set (I’ll post pics later) and a MASSIVE late 40s RCA 9PC41 rear projection TV with a popup screen, as well as 5 early 60s Philco Safari portable transistor televisions!



Loading up the trailer, and there’s Shane with another one en route!




Admiral, Sentinel, Motorola, Pilot, Tele-Tone, Raytheon…..




Back at the shop, I found this gorgeous 3″ Pilot television that someone had been through and serviced. Works just fine! These cool little tabletops were the very first television ever to be marketed for under $99 to the public. Very cute TV.

This is just part of the haul. more to come!


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