The Predicta at Home



After disassembling the screen, I spent two hours cleaning and polishing the front and back of the screen cover to get rid of all that awful smelly oxidization! Did a light buff on the brightwork… it still needs some work but displays fine for an in-progress set. The electronics are next, but until then, I wanted to post some pictures of it on display at home! I’m VERY happy with this set.

2 comments on “The Predicta at Home”

    1. Thanks Shane… yeah the landlord has very eclectic tastes and it shows in the way he’s renovated the place. I love it.

      You would know about the Carlo shadowbox… since there’s no rear cover on that I never knew if it was actually a Carlo or if the studio actually made shadowboxes. I had a matching pair of frames in the same colors and finish (Asian figures with dragons, found separately) that I tried selling on ebay as a complete set with no takers. They sold when I separated the shadowbox from the set though, glad I kept it!


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